About Us

AquaVira (Pty) Ltd. was founded as a process engineering company, specializing in the treatment of agricultural, domestic and industrial water and wastewater via customized membrane filtration and bioremediation process solutions. With a strong focus on the design, build and supply of performance driven turnkey processes, we strive to maximize efficiency, increase productivity and minimize environmental impact.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help companies realize the investment opportunities related to the treatment of water and wastewater so as to reduce fresh water intake, decrease carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources from by-products and waste, thereby increasing sustainability.

What we do

We treat and clean water and wastewater via the biological elimination of waterborne wastes, physical separation of unwanted components, recovery of desired components and the reclamation of valuable resources from wastewater. AquaVira (Pty) Ltd. offers full turnkey solutions with the aim to maximize productivity, increase our client’s competitiveness and minimize their environmental impact. We strive- and are committed to providing sustainable solutions to challenges in the water and wastewater management industry.

Process Plants
  • Biological Processes

    Our customized bioremediation process solutions are specifically designed to meet customer requirements and exceed consumer expectations, by conforming to the highest engineering standards. Each customized biological process is unique, owing to the application- and industry-specific nature of the effluent to be treated. Our main biological process philosophy revolves around various combinations of anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic activated sludge applications, merged with a secondary clarification/separation phase, to produce unparalleled product quality. Our world-class biological process solutions are engineered to eliminate effluent organics and lipids, ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, sulfates and suspended solids.

  • AquaVira (Pty) Ltd. Bioremediation Plants

    ๐ Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) – Aqua-MBR®
    ๐ Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) – Aqua-SBR®
    ๐ High-rate Anaerobic Reactors (AR) – Aqua-HAR®
    ๐ Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) System – Aqua-CAS®

  • Filtration Processes

    Our customized membrane filtration plants are specifically designed to minimize water and wastewater costs by reducing the overall fresh water intake, as well as minimize the volume of wastewater generated. We provide high performance filtration solutions that benchmark process efficiency and reliability, whether the requirement for treatment originates from incoming raw water, outgoing wastewater or water reuse. Our customized membrane processes also serve as a benchmark for liquid/solid and liquid/liquid separation applications, be it in the recovery of chemicals or the concentration of high commodity constituents.

  • AquaVira (Pty) Ltd. Filtration Plants

    ๐ Sand-filtration – Aqua-S/F®
    ๐ Microfiltration – Aqua-M/F®
    ๐ Ultrafiltration – Aqua-U/F®
    ๐ Nanofiltration – Aqua-N/F®
    ๐ Reverse Osmosis – Aqua-R/O®

Engineering Services


AquaVira performs comprehensive feasibility studies that specifically assess the economic viability of water treatment, reclamation and reuse, as well as an evaluation of site conditions to develop a customized water treatment process that meets the customer’s specific water conservation goals and reuse needs. Our laboratories provide a complete SANS accredited chemical compositional analysis, to identify the case-specific pollutants. We also accommodate the option to conduct on-site pilot demonstration trials as a value added service, to establish baseline information and design parameters. Further consultation involves an extensive analysis (QSA’s and IPA’s) that includes effluent quality and flow modeling, conceptual designs and costing, as well as KPI proposals to maximize internal water use efficiency and housekeeping practices.

AquaVira (Pty) Ltd. Engineering Services

๐ Water Audits
๐ Pilot trials and test work (R&D)
๐ Quick-Scan Assessment (QSA)
๐ In-Plant Assessment (IPA)

Contact Us


PO Box 6089, Cape Town, South Africa, 7530


+27 21 813 9183